About Angela

I began my journey as an artist before I was even aware of it.  Details from my childhood foreshadowed this path, that has since only become more distinguished through time.  It was high school when I realized seeing from multiple perspectives was a strength.  Still very uncertain of my future, I took the leap as an artist, as a photographer..  I haven't turned back!

Photography is the most true and telling version of my personal expression.  It speaks with vibrancy and vastness.  And like many things, gets better with age.  Embracing the nature of an environment, maintaining a balance in elements and keeping awareness is my formula in photography.. and in life.

How Can I Help?

Producing a photography shoot is an extremely adaptive and project-specific task.  The more details the better!  Lets start with your basic project needs, and work together to add dimension.  I'm happy to make suggestion based on experience on how to take your project a step further so it works for you!  After all, visuals are the most memorable way to deliver a message.